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Aluma is a leader among BPO companies. As a trusted Business Process Outsourcing company, we have a deep understanding of all the processes that we have gained through experience. Our goal is to provide guaranteed high level of accuracy on all documents ranging from traditional personalized services to the latest technology in the industries we serve to our clients.

Why Choose Us?

We can develop chronologies and time lines
Excellent quality and competent project management
Customized solutions to meet your deadline
Dedicated workforce
HIPAA compliance
We can work with your software or our office software, as you prefer
Outstanding customer support

We prepare unbiased and accurate reviews that are invaluable in the investigation of medical negligence. They will help you conclude if medicine was inappropriately prescribed, if any procedure(s) carried out failed to follow the recommended protocols, and/or if monitoring had not succeeded in identifying notable issues. These also help in speedy settlement of insurance claims.