Aluma owns and operates a cloud-based patient-to-provider telemedicine platform that connects parents and their children with pediatric physicians in the United States. Its platform also enables healthcare providers to connect with patients needing time-sensitive consultations and follow-up medical visits; and facilitates physician-to-physician consultations.

What’s Unique?

This is the digital version of your multi-specialty clinic. Aluma’s Virtual Care Management (VCM) telemedicine platform is a white-label software platform integrated with all the features and functions you need to practice any form of medicine suitable for virtual care. As a software provider, we don’t offer medical services—they simply provide the technology to fully virtualize your clinic. The VCM platform’s single, intuitive interface enables an efficient, effective, easy-to-use virtual visit for both patient and provider.

Telehealth Consulting Services

How do I get started with Telemedicine?

Aluma offers a full range of telehealth consulting services that can help you develop a strategic plan for implementing a clinically beneficial, cost-effective telemedicine program that optimizes resources and enhances outcomes. Implement a comprehensive telemedicine program that works within your existing workflow and delivery system, and meets all regulatory, reimbursement and billing compliance requirements. Monitor report and analyze clinical and operational performance for continuous improvement.

Continuum Of Care Strategy

How can Aluma’s telemedicine platform help me engage more patients?

Aluma offers “continuum of care” consulting services to help you engage your patients with educational content creation/delivery, personalized patient interaction, remote patient monitoring, wellcare messaging programs and other community outreach strategies.

Marketing And Advertising

How do I promote my telemedicine practice to reach more patients?

Aluma can help you expand awareness and reach with a full range of branding and marketing services, including strategy development, content development, website creation, social media and more.