Medical Record Review

Gathering all medical records relevant to a case and organizing them is an essential requirement for those in the medico-legal industry, and support services would be immensely beneficial in streamlining your medical record review process. At Outsource Strategies International (OSI), we provide customized medical record review service for legal, insurance and medical entities to help them clearly understand the sequence of medical events and the legal validity of the claim.

Get more time to focus on your core activities, while our team reviews your client’s medical records.

We serve diverse clientele –

Case / chart review firms
Independent medical examiners
Insurance companies
Medical-legal consultants
Private corporations
Social security disability firms

Our reviews contain accurate documentation of the treatments done for an injured person. We can highlight core details that will help lawyers determine whether a medical case is worth defending.

Customized Medical Records Review

At our medical record review company, we make sure that you get all the needed information from a patient chart, from which we prepare summaries highlighting vital information for further review and analysis.

Our medical records review solutions include

Medical Record Organization
Medical Record Retrieval
Medical Case Chronology
Medical Case History and Summary
Medical Chart Audit/Review
Medical Record Analysis and Review
Medical Peer Review

We provide concise summaries of medical records, and ensure that they are made to aptly meet your unique litigation requirements. If the medical record is a chart, we can tabulate the information contained for the purpose of identification. The review solutions we provide are state-of-the-art, with all critical information located in the medical records effectively summarized for easy perusal.

All review details will be provided in your required narrative/language/summary format. We are fully HIPAA compliant and so all sensitive patient data is safe with us. Whether it is related to patient treatment or getting insurance claims paid, we provide complete assistance in preparing well-organized rebuttal letters.