Revenue Cycle Management

We, at Aluma understand that providing high-quality healthcare is your top priority, but it is also important for you to make enough money. In the recent period, the whole scenario of healthcare and insurance has drastically changed. There are many cases of backlogs in account receivables, lack of qualified personnel, the high cost of administration and infrastructure. Therefore, in order to work efficiently and to increase your revenue, you need a reliable revenue cycle management solution. Aluma comes into the picture in such a scenario with the latest and most updated state-of-the-art revenue cycle management systems that include medical coding, registration, payment posting, insurance verification, denial management, account receivables and much more.

With a deep understanding of such a system, our staff is highly trained in providing you the best services. Having said that, we don’t aim to beat the system but to gain from it with the help of our experience and deep knowledge of the rules of this game.

Why Choose Aluma for RCM?

The key features of the RCM model offered by Aluma Include:

Medical billing and coding services carried out by certified experts
Self-pay collections and insurance follow-ups
Analytics that offer actionable insights
Verification of insurance and eligibility
Posting and denial management
Follow up on account receivables
Resubmission and follow up of the old account receivables
Posting of payments for you

You can expect all this and even more when you contact Aluma to outsource your Revenue Cycle Management task.